London Vacation Tips

London Vacation Tips

If you are planning a London vacation, you made an excellent destination choice! London is the city of amazing landmarks and museums, famous theatres, and spectacular parks. There are many beautiful sights to see on a London vacation, with something for everyone.

Traveling to London

The hospitality of London hotels and the diversity of London restaurants makes a London vacation unforgettable. London always offers something new and the very best as Samuel Johnson said that a man who is tired of London, the UK is tired of life.

With history goes back to the first century A.D., this European city is ancient and modern, sprawling and compact, stolidly British, and vividly multicultural. The exciting history of London is waiting to be explored around every corner. A London vacation offers the world traveler a multitude of options; the only problem is choosing one!

Take a look at the Houses of Parliament and the famous clocktower that houses Big Ben. Watch The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and Horse Guards Parade, enjoy the stunning views from the London Eye, tour the Tate Modern, soak up the historical sights of St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London. All of the above are iconic images of London. Are you can’t miss them on a London vacation.

You could spend a London vacation, just strolling London streets. Nearly all the major streets of London have a mysterious past, as shown by the blue plaques which hang outside the houses where famous people lived. One such home has a plate for both Handel and Jimi Hendrix! Hendrix claimed to have seen the ghost of Handel in his house, although that may have been chemically induced.

You could easily spend a London vacation just going from one plaque to the next. Wander down Baker Street and see where Sherlock Holmes lived and worked on his murder cases. Or you can take a London Taxi Tour or even rent to drive a world-famous London Cab and enjoy your London vacation from the automobile!

The kids will also enjoy a London vacation. Part of the English charm is their fondness for children (of all ages), and this is reflected in the wide variety of attractions that will appeal to any youngster. Zoos, rides, arcades, museums, theatres, and music attractions are just some of the destinations that are geared primarily for younger visitors.

A London vacation offers a cultural mix of classical music concerts, opera, ballet, jazz, and rock music. Fans of designer clothes and jewelry will have a ball. Every cuisine is represented here, from Hungarian to Vietnamese. Whether you decide to do on a London vacation – you’ll have a fantastic time in this fascinating city!

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