3 Great Travel Ideas For England

3 Great Travel Ideas For England

England gets a lot of stick for being a rather drab place to take a holiday. Brits are some of the most widely traveled people abroad, which could make you think there isn’t much to do in England. Hopefully, these three great travel ideas in England will help to show you that there is more than rain, clouds, and wind.

1. Stay in a self-catering holiday cottage in the countryside

If you have a decent budget, then renting your holiday cottage is a great idea. There is some beautiful countryside all over England, from the Lake District in the north to The coastal areas of Cornwall in the south.

Websites like Unique Holiday Cottages have listings for some fabulous cottages across England. I like this site in particular as it favors the more original holiday homes. Examples of something a little different include a converted lighthouse, luxury gypsy caravans, and lots of converted old farm buildings.

Summer in England was excellent in 2019, but that doesn’t mean the summer months are the only time to try this. If you find a quaint old cottage with a real log fireplace, you may love the cozy ambiance in winter too. It is quite an experience to be situated in lovely countryside, then come home after a day exploring a warming log fireplace.

2. Visit Center Parcs for a fun-filled family break

There are five center Parcs holiday villages around the country. They are situated in large areas with spaced out bungalows for accommodation. Each home is fitted with a kitchen for those who love to cook, plus there are several restaurants and cafes on-site too.

Center Parcs is ideal for families with children of all ages because there are plenty of activities such as the fantastic swimming pools with water slides, adventure walks, sports centers, and parks. Getting around is done on bicycles which are hired when you arrive, which makes these holidays a great way to enjoy the outdoors.

My parents used to take us there, and it was always a great holiday. The bungalows were basic but clean and comfortable. They were usually situated in scenic areas, surrounded by woodland and occasional wildlife such as peacocks. In terms of value and fun factor, I doubt there will be much better in England.

3. Enjoy a city break in London

London is one of my favorite cities in the world. It has everything you could ask for in terms of shopping, entertainment, and history. It does cost more than elsewhere in England, but if you plan things out in advance, you can find great deals online.

The key to enjoying London is to avoid rush hour traffic. That means having a leisurely breakfast in your hotel, then venturing out after 9.30 am. Try to avoid 4 pm to 7 pm too, which is when the commuters travel home from work. There are day passes for the underground railway, plus you will also find tourist attraction deals where you pay one discounted fee for multiple attractions.

Look for a hotel close to your chosen attractions. I use Trip Advisor for this as it lists attractions too. Convent Gardens is an excellent location if unsure. It is central enough to be close to the major sights and shopping districts, plus the area itself is charming, which rows of boutique shops and the famous street performers.